The Movie

The Synopsis

Tripudio tells about the story of a stutterer teenager who feels a deep love for cinema. He dreams of becoming an actor even if his traditionalist and strongly religious family, which fears his desire, is determined to hinder the evolution of what they consider a meaningless choice. Through dialogue and confrontation, the balances seem to be restored, until some misunderstandings will lead to unpredictable repercussions.

The Production

The director Luigi Piana had been thinking about the story of “Tripudio” for a long time before starting to write the first draft in 2018. As soon as the screenplay was ready, the most important aim was to put together a troupe made up by young professionals coming from the film industry. Subsequently, we faced the pre-production phase, dealing with all those essential subjects, among which the location scouting and the casting.

The camera started rolling in the last week of February 2019 amidst Piedmont valleys, in the north of Italy, where the shooting continued for a week. Afterwards, the post-production phase, which lasted for long time. Once the editing process and the sound design were completed, the composer Henoel Grech started working on the soundtrack in his studio in Turin. The production of “Tripudio” was concluded in 2022.

Luigi Piana – Director

Luigi Piana (Biella, 1993) started writing the first draft of “Tripudio” during his stay at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2018. In February 2019, the shooting of the film began among the valleys of Biella, his hometown, located in northern Italy. Since November 2021, he have been working at the screenplay of what will be his first feature movie.